Travel By Open Bus In, Out And Around Laos

Laos openbus

Laos has no train system, apart from the cross-border train from Nong Khai, Thailand to Tha Naleng station in Vientiane, so buses are the main form of public transportation.

Vientiane has three bus stations: Central Bus Terminal, Northern Bus Terminal, and Southern Bus Terminal.

Central Bus Terminal: Locally known as Khua Din or Talat Sao (Morning Market) bus station, is located in between the Morning Market and Khua Din Market. It has bus services to nearby places in and around the capital city (City Bus), a few further destinations in Laos, and northeast Thailand. For details on Thailand – Laos buses, View Thailand Bus page.

It is also possible to catch a bus to Vang Vieng, Thakaek, Savannakhet or Pakse here, but the other stations have better buses and more frequent departures for these routes.

Vietnam-Lao open bus
Vietnam-Lao openbus

Northern Bus Terminal: Located on Sithong Road (relocated from T2 road), around 7km from city centre. This is the main departure point for buses to northern destinations, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang Xiengkhuang and other provinces as well as buses to China.

Southern Bus Terminal: Located on Kaysone Phomvihane Avenue (or road 13 south) in Dong Dok, around 8km from city centre. This is the main departure point for buses to the south as well as buses to Cambodia and Vietnam.

For more specific information on travel by bus into Laos from neighbouring countries follow the links below.

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