Where to Enjoy Takoyaki in Osaka


Takoyaki is a popular type of Japanese snack that is made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special moulded pan. Takoyaki literally translates to ‘octopus fried,’ because it consists of fried balls of batter filled with octopus, green onions, ginger, and tempura pieces. Here are some recommended shop that you should try takoyaki in Osaka.

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1. Kougaryu, Shinsaibashi

This popular restaurant is often featured in local magazines and on TV shows. It’s in the Amerikamura area of Osaka, an area frequented by young people due to the many casual brands and import shops. Kougaryu can be said to be one of Kansai’s top-class takoyaki restaurants.

Address: 2 Chome-18-4 Nishishinsaibashi Chuo-ku, Osaka

2. Wanaka

This restaurant is up there fighting with Kougaryu for the area’s No.1 popular takoyaki restaurant. If you’re looking for delicious takoyaki, look no further. You can order based on your preferred flavors, including salt, soy sauce, and sauce.

Address: 11-19 Nanbasennichimae Chuo-ku, Osaka

3. Takoyaki Juuhachiban, Minamikata

They receive a direct delivery of fresh octopus every day from Chuo Wholesale Market. This unique takoyaki is made with sakura shrimp, ginger, and tenkasu (the crunchy parts left over from making tempura), and the dough is made by mixing flour with both cow’s milk and dashi broth. The chefs have spent over 10 years refining their craft and cook on a copper sheet, a very unusual technique. The outside has the crunchy texture of the tenkasu while the inside is creamy and delicious.

Address: Takeda Building 1F, 3 Chome-17-17 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-ku, Osaka

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4. Abeno Takoyaki Yamachan, Tennoji

If you’re looking for the best takoyaki in the Tennouji and Abeno area, look no further. This takoyaki is made so the outside is crisp while the inside is moist and delicious. The dashi is flavored with sauce so it’s recommended that you don’t add more when you eat it.

Address: 1 Chome-2-34 Abenosuji Abeno-ku, Osaka

5. Takohachi, Umeda

You can enjoy your preferred flavorings here because you can add the sauce or soy sauce yourself. But first you should taste it without adding any condiments so you can enjoy it as is.

Address: Whity Umeda Chikamachi 4-6, Komatsubaracho, Kita-ku, Osaka

6. Ganso Takoyaki Aiduya, Umeda

This store appeared in Japan’s popular food manga Oishinbo. This small takoyaki has a strong flavor and it’s delicious even without sauce.

Address: Umesankoji-nai, 3 Chome-2-136 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka

7. Dotonbori Honke Ootako, Dotonbori

Just as the name implies, this takoyaki restaurant uses large pieces of octopus. It’s beloved by the locals, and it isn’t just the size of the octopus that makes it so popular but also the taste. This is a good choice for people who stress importance of the size of the octopus.

Address: 1 Chome-4-16 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka

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8. Osaka Takoyaki Museum, Universal City

Five famous, popular takoyaki shops (Aiduya, Kukuru, Kougaryu, Juuhachiban, and Yamachan) are gathered under one roof. If you go here you can try all of their takoyaki in one go. It’s the best for tourists who are traveling with a time crunch because you can efficiently snack on Osaka’s best takoyaki without leaving the building.

Address: Universal City Osaka 4F City Shops, 6 Chome-2-61 Shimaya Konohana-ku, Osaka

9. Umaiya, Tenma

This shop is a well-respected shop in Tenma. They deliver a simple taste that locals love. You won’t be able to resist the crispy surface and the soft insides.

Address: 4-21 Naniwacho Kita-ku, Osaka

10. Ryomatei, Fukushima

This takoyaki shop is in front of Fukushima Station and has many repeat customers. It’s recommended that you eat this handmade takoyaki covered in onions and soy sauce without the thick sauce usually used on takoyaki. It’s become an izakaya so you can also order drinks and other dishes. You can get 3 takoyaki for 120 yen, making it a very reasonable deal.

Address: Fukurouji 1F, 7 Chome-11-51 Fukushima Fukushima-ku, Osaka

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